Fem Theory Reading grp June 2014 Jac Halberstrom  absence ++ Jamaica Kincaid The Autobiography of my mother.. Brilliant.

Next meeting August 18th.

Create feminisms at Mddx uni  22/7/14

Fraying workshop with Catherine Dormor: connections to journal project

Fraying/witches symbols/fraying language  to make a new Isrupt.. Nicole Brossard and language ‘crossing through the symbol while..’ fraying

Film: Lives of (women) artists not wives of artists Sue Aron and Monica..? Film could cost £50 to buy. 5 feminist artists from the 70’s. Flick Allen, Alexis Hunter, Tina Keane, Mary Kelly, Paula Rego. 1982.


Feminist Fables Maureen Burdock  exhibition at SS65, re FGM today 22/7/14

August 2014 time to make and play.. and blog



Phylidda Barlow at Tate Britain

Inspiring. Her ability to ignore the significance of her materials is weird.

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JULY 2013  Three great art exhibitions this week, and three art events.

Ellen Gallagher, AxME, Tate, 2013

Ellen Gallagher, AxME, Tate, 2013

Ellen Gallagher at Tate.  Donna and I went together so we had different perspectives, as one black and one white woman, and that created a good discussion. The adverts altered by yellow plasticine, reminded me of Theaster Gates, library archive at White Cube Bermonsey last year, which displayed most of the books in the Ebony library archive and I liked the ’50’s feel (my childhood) {Ebony, a monthly magazine for the African-American market, was founded by John H. Johnson and has published continuously since the autumn of 1945.}   Our debate was about what Ellen Gallagher’s  perspective might have been considering the massive ‘repetition’ in these works, and in the works with ‘eyes and mouths’… humour, irony, anger? I think my viewpoint showed a lack of awareness… Later works in the show are thick and shiny with shellac or other substances, surfaces, colour…

Nobody Does It Like Me

Nobody Does It Like Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we went to see/hear Sonia Boyce’s Scat at the Iniva gallery, on its last day.  My ears had an awakening. For You , only you – mixture of classical choral music,improvisational voice/sound by Mikhail  … on video.  I heard it twice and then went upstairs to enjoy Shirley Bassey, and using a record player again.

On Friday – The Ah-ness of Things, a four person culturally diverse group of performance artists. Mixing rituals around being female, about beauty treatments, with images that brought to mind prisoners, asylum seeking, caring, torture, they used basic materials – gram flour, wheat flower, spice, water and milk, to wrap/mark/ coat the body, and dough to wrap a face.. all with dance/movement/sound.  It was colourful, energising, painful and moving. I noticed particularly the sound of water dribbling from cupped hands, and the glowing yellow of the spice spread all over the floor. I hope they can show their work at Cass sometime in the next 6 months or so. PIctures to follow. (I was an invited guest at a ‘rehearsal’)

On Wednesday, Earthy, an ecosex boot camp didn’t engage me in the same way, though there were laughs and lots of info about how we are not ‘loving the earth’ as we must. (I dont get how massive high heels, or a dominatrix, mixes in with sensuality and/eco sentiments….)    I highly appreciated Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens as an older couple having a great romp in the earth on stage.. reminded me how much I wanted to roll in the black Fenland earth that I collected for my art work ‘Our strange attempts’.

Conway Hall does  a Centre for Solo Performance.. on a Sat morning..

Artists Group  continuing from the Artists Suppers I organised last year.  (2 and half hours to share/crit our work, varying backgrounds MA’s/ self taught/Foundation). The group has varied in who has attended.. this time Donna, Pat, Annette, Helen, and Titus.   Some key words:-  difficult to share work for the first time; the pleasure of having 5 people nod their appreciation of something; suspended large black bags “what’s in them?’ (well thats the point..); delicate drawings being ‘coloured in’ like when we were aged 6; transition/rest periods after MA’s; advice for an interview  ‘take the real made work’.  Next meeting in October and maybe Catherine and Banu will come.

Ain't I a woman, bell hooks

Feminist Theory Reading Group (FTRG is not a good acronym)  This group is NEW! Aesthetics… bell hooks, 4 of us.. investigating her article from Art on My Mind.. about Emma Amos.   Amos’s work ‘rejects a binary approach to the politics of difference that would have everyone’s identity fixed.. always separate. She replaces this paradigm with one where mixing is celebrated, where the cultural interchanges that disrupt patterns of domination are dismantled so that an ethic of reciprocity and mutual engagement forms the aesthetic grounds where the subject is always changing.’  How does this inform our work as artists?