July 24th 2014

two projects

Journal as work   the cycle of eye brain arm hand fingers and back to eye  brain

how to construct this in a visual physical form, a problem I first looked at in 2001. trying wire mesh to construct a map like frame, armature wire also. Video could present layers and shapes. Envisage it as a construction like the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde, scaling a vertical

armature1 armature7 P1060221 P1060225


journal fragment 1




From 2013 Consider writing article about feminist art in Art School (n.paradoxa)     Continue MA community of feminist/women artists     Promote feminist art  (re-emergence of Spare  Rib 2013)
knitting as traditional women’s (and sailors) activity, as continuous thread, as drawing in space,     Wild knitting, political knitting    Can be done sitting down with no studio or workshop facilities           Real lives of women and children v oppressive ideas projected on to them – ‘corrective’ rape of lesbians in S Africa children persecuted as witches
Isrupt ‘beyond patriarchy’    Free art in the street     Recycled art

Current project…       linking wild knitting and Isrupt, perhaps…  the review may produce more ideas and connections

Isrupt - beyond patriarchyIsrupt detail (lemur)Isrupt detail (clips)

photo: Lewis Hammond

IMG_6188 IMG_6190

‘We are not witches or wizards’   connected to children persecuted in Africa accused of  being ‘witches’

meanwhile a short holiday to Istanbul .. texture colour change fun…

Recent images

100320132304    100320132311

Rotherhithe Tunnel exit signs April ’13

260320132317_2 Islington



1st May, 2014

Knit Art


Interesting that many of the comments on this  work fail to grasp the point abut bringing the internalised  negative conceptions we have of the vagina OUT into the open, including her menstrual blood. Brave woman, interesting artist. Even I thought that the menstrual blood wouldn’t be so nice after a week, though completely clean at origin, and of course has a sexual connotation for women who love other women.

Looking for some material to use to hang my knitted ‘corrective rape’ pieces on .. the piece of chip board from the street, with formica surface, is very ‘kitchen’ like but also tacky, and the knitted pieces are not tacky.. they are engaging.. yet their content is tough(rape).  I need a piece of tough wood, or maybe metal, with a connection with harshness. The burnt chopping board I saw near London Fields was too specific, though I suppose I could have burnt its surface more.. went out an d picked up the burnt chopping board.. and burnt it with blow torch. Whether it will work or not…it was invigorating using the blow torch again. Makes a fantastic noise.



A review of my work since 2001, finding some great stuff that I have half forgotten. Red Armchairs. Why didn’t I keep those armchairs I found on Shanklin Road, Brighton.   The texture of the material connected to some significant experience in me. Rough but safe texture and long distances? A settee was huge if you were 2.  Armchairs were places to curl up and get lost in reading

The photos were holes where memory disappeared into the wall. Sculpture as depth beyond.

Red chairs 2003

What does the review indicate so far??

To 2013  Gendered objects, ideas, images     Political perspective Nicole Brossard, Monique Wittig     ‘Crossing through the symbol’ (NB) ‘La femme integrale’ (NB)  Ladder, drawers, chairs, transformed