Feminist Artists New to me: Maja Bajevic, Women at work-Under construction

Chitra Ganesh.. Tales of Amnesia, cartoons drawing on the links between Hindu goddesses and lesbian lovers and power!

Sheela Gowda,  All the people

Raeda Saadeh

C;ean water everywhere is possible, but water supply is damaged by greed, big business and war..

Clean water everywhere is possible, but water supply is damaged by greed, big business and war..

28/29th Sept, 2013

Feminist Art Theory Reading Group met in July!  We read and discussed bell hooks..     next  October 7th, reading Judith Butler, Precarious Life..

ARTISTS GROUP July 20th      Next  October


Euston Road, juggernauts, dust ,noise…Is there greater quiet down there?

14 artists navigate irresistible flows beneath beguiling still surfaces


And my works are feminist, too


25th September to 2nd October, 2013. at Crypt Gallery, St Pancras, Duke Road.


To Neon (The New) mixed media  work-in-progress August, 2013

050520132383  050520132381

Halter, 2013.     deconstructed bra and wool.

The website description in misleading, dont be put off.  I was expecting something harsh and highly sexualised, but  these ‘portraits’ have a tender quality because of the way Hristova has cut them. They present realities of the porn industry in slight phrases … the woman is lying about her orgasms, and you’d need ‘extremely acute extra-sensory perception ‘ to realise it.

Shared sexual delight is about acute sensory perception, isn’t it.

The interview is informative + unresolved.  The sex industry.. is not about ‘fantasies’ but about using women to the point of humiliation, injury and death.. Hristova seems unclear about this, almost naive..  ‘I’ve realised that when you’re talking about porn , you’re still really talking about male sexuality’.  Its the ‘still really’ that is significant.  She ends this section by saying ‘I’ve been left questioning the degrees of autonomy and exploitation that women experience in that sphere’. For the million women disappearing every decade in India, and trafficking across the world, … autonomy ..?  Has she been taken over by  the happy hooker image?

A wonderful piece of broken up ceramics with real flowers in the next room shows  ‘status quo’ art.  Hristova’s work is much more interesting.. Til 7th April

IMG_7449Police Cells, 'To be conceived'IMG_7373

Quick notes on Banu and Karen’s show. Original plans was to be ‘beyond binaries’, then expanded to include new images. Very successful show in fascinating and very cold, old Police cells. Wear warm clothing!
Many works link to wide and complex identities, asking why is ‘female/male’ significant at all? One video work uses a scrolling list of possessions as identity (including 4 girl guide badges, 2,345 toilet rolls, etc rather like a list of what Landy destroyed a few years back), another borrows parts of many identities to create bizarre but familiar faces, Zoe Clifford’s  puppet like Moggie wandering its own backstreets..
Closes 17th March.



Pat Hulin’s work in foreground

Fantastic show with 57 artists.  Image